Jay's Beauty Mission & Values

The mission of Jay's Beauty is to make each and every women feel beautiful. Whether that is sharing a beauty tip online, teaching women how to apply makeup, or transforming the view that women have on themselves. No matter what someone looks like, how old they are, or how much money they have, our goal is to make them feel beautiful & embrace the skin that they were blessed in. We are 'Moore Than Makeup.' 

Jay’s Beauty stands on the following values:

  • Creativity

  • Compassion

  • Confidence 

  • Love

Jay's Beauty

About the Founder

Transformative Leader, Mentor, Make-up Artist, and Lash Professional Jáyna Moore is all about changing the way the world defines beauty. From a young age, Jáyna’s outlook on beauty began when she would find herself admiring her mother put on makeup before work. It wasn’t too long after when Jáyna found herself emerging into the beauty industry by watching tutorials and finding inspiration from celebrity makeup looks online. What started off as a hobby soon grew to become the multi-faceted Jay’s Beauty that we all know today. For Jáyna, it’s simply Moore than makeup.


Jay's Beauty has one service, and that is to change the outlook that women have on their beauty. From inspiring women to feel beautiful in the skin they are blessed in, to providing mentorship, Jáyna hopes to positively affect and transform the lives of many.


Jáyna graduated college in 2020, with a bachelor's degree in the Miller College of Business from Ball State University, and has went on to pursue Jay’s Beauty full-time. She's started her own Lash Line (JB Lashes), obtained three different kinds of Lash Certifications, and went from working out of her small bedroom, to a beautiful studio space. Watch this grow with her into the corporation that she believes it will be. Thank you all for visiting the Jay’s Beauty website and we hope that you book with Jay’s Beauty soon!


“You are looking at a future, Beauty Mogul Millionaire!”

– Jáyna Moore

Moore Than Makeup