More Than A Hobby

Connecting & booking clientele:

The main way Jay's Beauty is promoted is when Friends of the company review, repost, and share on social media. When a new flyer comes out, it is sent out and shared with the community for people to see. I also encourage clients to write reviews on how their experience was when I did their makeup. People love to see good reviews and hear from people who have actually got their face done by me.

Jay's Beauty is also widely spread by word of mouth. I rely on my skills and the friends that I have practiced on to spread a good word to people they know might be interested in my services at some point and time. With my business being in the center of a generation full of proms, homecomings, and parties, it is more common that many people look for someone to do their makeup, not wanting to pay a high price (they're still in school). It is so easy for recommendations to spread as I do more people's makeup.

As I have grown, I started reaching an audience of older women. The ladies at my mom's job love my work because she always shares it on Facebook. One of the ladies at her job loved my work so much that she told her sister about me, showed her my page, and she booked me for Prom! That is just one example of how word of mouth and reposting content on social media goes, especially since I am still growing and am not a Name Brand (yet). I have many stories like that where people have reached out because of word of mouth and seeing me on social media.

All in all, makeup is more than just something I do to pass the time. I actually have a passion for making people feel beautiful and happy. The look of happiness and sometime shock on their face when I am finished is so heart warming and gives me drive to reach more and more people with my gift. This business is something that I take very seriously and that will be in my life forever. Of course there is room for growth, which is why I am taking the proper precautions to expand my skill and clientele. Stay tuned to see what is in store for Jay's Beauty... I promise you wont forget the name!