Hi beauties, my name is Destiny! I'm a luxury mink lash with lots of sass. I am a bold hybrid type of lash that starts out natural in the beginning and ends with a pop of volume. You are guaranteed to grow in confidence with me  and you won't be able to take your eyes off of me! On a scale from 1-3 (3 being most voluminous), I'm a 3. I can't wait to be seen with you, but hurry... I'm very popular!!


Directions: Gently remove the lash from the insert with your fingers, tweezers, or lash applicator. Apply one coat of your favoriet lash glue on the lash band. Use the provided lash applicator to apply your lashes , holding and applying the middle of the lash first & letting it fall into place. Apply light pressure to make sure the lash is attatched properly.


Removing: Use a makeup removing substance, or baby oil to loosen the lash from your skin, then remove the lash off of your lid. Make sure you gently clean the glue from the lash band with makeup remover so that glue does'nt build up. This will insure you can wear your lashes for their entire lifespan. Between 15-20 wears.


    Product Details:

    3D Mink Lash (100% mink)


    Fluffy, soft, & lightweight

    Cruelty Free

    Black Cotton Band

    Length: 5mm-17mm


    Order will be shipped 1-3 business days once order is processed.